COVID-19 Information

for guests embarking on a VR Tours time travel tour

Group sizes and social distancing

Our tours accommodate maximum 17 guests, therefore the group size totals in maximum 18 people including the tour guide. This way we're able to keep at least 1.5 meters distance during the entirety of the tour, protecting the health of our team and guests.

Handling of the VR devices and all other business is conducted through our office windows that open directly onto the street. Please only enter our office if absolutely necessary (rain outside, need to use toilet), as it is more challenging to keep the appropriate social distance inside than outside, in front of our office.

Please also keep at least 1.5 meters of distance from each other while waiting or checking in.


VR devices are sanitized after each use before they are placed in their storage container. Storage containers are also sanitized every time.

We're frequently sanitizing all office equipment!

We have placed multiple sanitizing stations in our office for use of our guests. Our team uses these frequently as well.

Employee protocol and mask use

Our team wears masks and rubber gloves during work.

Masks or other face covering is recommended during our tour, but not compulsory.

In addition to the aforementioned guidelines, please also be mindful of any other request from our tour guides, so that the VR Tours time travel tour stays a safe and amazing experience for all.