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Discover Buda Castle on a time travelling walking tour where history unfolds before your eyes in virtual reality.

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Time travel is finally possible! Surprise your loved ones with a truly unique experience. The perfect choice for young and old.


  • Discover UNESCO World Heritage Buda Castle and its rich history of battles and seiges, war and peace. We start our 1.5-hour-long tour at the foot of Castle Hill and end at a breathtaking view of the Pest side from the top of it.
  • Our custom created 360-degree 3D animations in virtual reality bring history to life in a way that has never been done before.
  • Between each station, the audioguide helps connect the dots between the historical periods. Available in Hungarian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French and Chinese.
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It was a fantastic experience for all of us. It is an easiest and most entertaining way to get familiar with the HISTORY OF BUDA CASTLE AND BUDAPEST. Highly recommended.

Anna K.

A MUST SEE EXPERIENCE! 🙂 A really well put together historical narration while you are walking from scene to scene, and the scenes are just phenomenal! We felt absolutely immersed in it, and you can only take a peek here into very accurate historical moments as if you were there 🙂 The staff is super nice and welcoming! If you are in Budapest, you definitely must see this! Great stuff, great staff!

Dominik V.

So, I actually enjoyed this one. It was quite fun running around with a vr headset and sometimes seeing recreations of historical events. Although, they look like they were were ripped out of Skyrim and the English voice sounded as if Morgan Freeman was speaking to you, IT WAS WORTH IT. The guides were friendly and understanding and the overall experience was stunning 🙂

Felix F.

We went as a family. We enjoyed the tour very much! I was especially thankful for this opportunity for our kids. THEIR HISTORY BECAME ALIVE! They experienced several "AHA!"-moments.

Márta K.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and not just for those who like history. It is a great tour in Buda Castle, because it shows how the past centuries have formed the capital of Hungary, Budapest. During the trip you have the chance to get some insight how the city looked and changed from the 13th century until the mid 20th century, and at the same time you can enjoy a guided tour in Budapest's most spectacular spot.

Bálint L.

IT WAS A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE! I wish our history had been taught this way at school too! The graduation would have been more successful! Thank you very much!

Gergely O.
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